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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Taiyi Yuanming Gong 太乙元明功 - The Original Brightness practice

Here is a new practice video of a traditional Daoist exercise, Taiyi Yuanming Gong 太乙元明功 (literally translated as The Original Brightness practice).

This is a method that is very easy to learn; it is simple in ts movements, yet complex in its benefits. In the beginning there may be a few small details you are not so clear about, but don’t worry - even if you practice it sloppily, it will have a very positive effect on your health.

When practicing qigong, accuracy is mostly counterproductive. If you over-concentrate and try to be precise in copying the form, it inhibits the kind of deep relaxation needed to enter into that quiet state that leads to balanced qi. 

The essence of qigong practice is an expression of the workings of Yin and Yang: dongzhong qiu jing 动 中 求 静 - Seeking quietness within movement. 

The Yang arises from within the Yin, and the inner movement of the qi arises from physical relaxation and mental stillness. This will lead to an even deeper inner calm and a more lively circulation of qi that rejuvenates your health. That is the essential point of all qigong practice.

It is best to perform six repetitions of the Taiyi Yuanming Gong (that will take about 10 minutes - but doing it more or less times is also ok). You can try practicing it alone or, for example, after the Liu Zi Jue method or the tapping method, and it is better to do it twice per day when possible.

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