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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Qigong Self-Massage: 10 Xuan Points

Here is another very good self-massage that you can do to maintain health: The massage of the Ten Xuan Points (shi xuanxue 十 宣 穴).  Xuan 宣 literally means disperse, and so one can translate it as the Ten Points of Dispersion/Drainage.

Just like the Ba Xie points, these are extra acupoints that are located outside the meridians. In this case, the Ten Xuan points are located on the fingertips.

In the video clips below, I show two simple ways to massage them - either by hitting them with your fingertips, or by pressing your fingertips one by one with your thumbnail.

Duration of the massage: preferably a few minutes.

When regularly practiced for a few minutes a day, this massage has a very good regulatory effect on your qi. Its function is to clear heat, to remove hot qi, fire or external pathogenic factors, and to awaken the mind.  It activates the flow of qi internally and protects the organs; but it also opens the flow of qi to the extremities, releasing the internal heat. Whenever it comes to removing heat or fire, you go all the way to the extremities, in this case to the fingertips. The old theory of qi describes that it is through the tips of your fingers and toes that nature's qi enters the body where it develops into an ever more powerful flow.

Here are the two video clips:

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