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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Healing Sounds - Sound for the Lungs - Details

The exercises of the Healing Sounds are very old, and go back to a famous Daoist master and pharmacologist of the 6th century, Tao Hongjing.

Prof. Lin Zhongpeng, of the Qigong College for Advanced Studies in Beijing, recommended this particular version of the Healing Sounds, because it is being used as a self-help tool for all people to fight against the coronavirus. When practiced regularly (as recommended in the video we have posted), it will improve breathing, strengthen the lungs and help to dispel disease.


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, with arms relaxed and held in a half circle in front of the belly. Palms face the abdomen. Relax the body, relax the breath, and enter in to a quiet state.


Open your arms to the left and right, expanding the chest with the palms facing forward. You breathe in through the nose, lightly and naturally, during this move.

Breathe out through the nose as you bring your hands back in to face the belly.

Breathing in through the nose, the hands lightly touch together as they move up to chest level, as pictured above. The head slightly drops forward to see the tips of the fingers. 

The hands continue to move up and the arms open to the left and right, with the palms facing up. As you breathe out through the mouth, slightly move the head back (to open the area of the throat), and imagine the sound H-A-Y.

Breathing in through the nose, bring the hands down with the palms touching lightly together at chest level, then continuing down to make loose fists (the hands are relaxed) as you pull the arms back and rest the fists at the sides of the waist. This longer in-breath with the pull of the fists to the waist is to strengthen the qi of the kidneys.

Breathe out through the nose as you open the fists, brig the hands, palms down, in front of the belly. Lightly push the hands down. 

Repeat all the steps above 6 times (or more).

Closing Movement:

The movement to "close" or finish your practice is simple. Bring the feet together and make three circles: Raise the hands up from the sides, breathing in through the nose, then bring the hands down in front of the body, breathing out through the nose. After making three circles, breathing lightly and naturally in and out, place the hands, one over the other, on the lower belly. This is the area known as the "Dantian", where the essence of qi is concentrated and stored. Stand calmly for a few breaths and focus on this area. 

It is best to do this qigong method in fresh air or by an open window, but it is also fine to do it in a closed space. 

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